Use this form to register for upcoming matches. All match participants must be current members of United Mounted Shooters (UMS).

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If you prefer, you may download the form (PDF file) and email it to or print/mail it.


Our four 2020 matches will be held at Old Bethpage Village Restoration. Matches start at 11:30 am. Riders MUST be on-premise before 10am. For safety and security reasons, the service gates will be closed at 10:00 am.


An advance registration rate of $60 per rider is available when the completed registration form is received at least 7 days prior to match date. For registrations received less than seven days prior (or at the match) cost is $80 per rider. Contact us if you have any issues using this registration form.

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Every entry at a recognized Cowboy Mounted Shoot shall constitute an agreement that the person making it and the horse shall be subject to the rules of The Island Long Riders, Inc and UMS all further constitute that every horse and rider entered is eligible as entered and that the owner and his/her representatives are bound by the decision of the hearing committee on any questions arising under said rules, and agree to hold harmless The Island Long Riders Inc., UMS and any property owners of the event grounds and their officials, directors, and employees for any action taken. I, my party, and my heirs further agree that if any damage is occasioned by, or injury occurs to myself or the horse entered, or to any vehicle or other article or possession that I may send with such horse that I will make no claims, either now or forever thereafter. I further agree to indemnify The Island Long Riders, Inc, UMS or the property owners of the event grounds and any other property owners and any participants in the event against all claims, demand suits, and or loss or damage to any property or persons caused by myself, my horse, my attendants or my vehicle. I understand that cowboy mounted shooting can involve being in areas that may have natural hazards which shoot management cannot anticipate, identify, modify or eliminate; that horses can be excitable, difficult to control and unpredictable; and that accidents can happen to anyone at any time.